CoreLock® Premium Floors Created with Beauty for Elegant Spaces

CoreLock® Premium Rigid SPC Flooring is a patented product with US Patent No. 10,220,599 & 10,343,381 and other Patents Pending Foreign and Domestic.

The Castle Collection® Series and Royalty Collection TM Series are obtained through greatly Advanced and Sophisticated Technology. These Amazing Looks are integrated onto a High-Density Stone-Plastic Composite Board, which makes it the Ideal Solution for any Flooring Application.

Applied to your Living or Commercial Space, the Castle Collection® and Royalty Collection TM will be a rock-solid floor covering solution with outstanding characteristics: Highly Durable, Scratch and Topical High Water Resistant  Surface with Realistic Visual Aesthetics.

A High Density Anti-Bacterial Acoustical Underlayment is already attached which saves Time, Effort and Money during Installation.
A Secure Locking System makes the installation of this floor Easier, Faster and ensures a Strong Joint of all boards on an Adequately Prepared Subfloor that is Clean, Flat and Dry.

The Castle Collection® and Royalty Collection TM products have Zero Emissions and are FloorScore® Certified which makes them Environmentally Friendly.